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Ultra Powerful 10X Dark Tanning Gelee Accelerator

Legal Beyond The Limit!

This totally Herbal HempnotiQ Bronzing Blend will give your Paranoid peeps double vision as they check out your super bronze body!

A Primo Blend of 10X Dark Accelerators fused into a gelee base for instant epidermis penetration, smoother skin and longer lasting color! Along with Monoi de Tahiti Oils we tossed in exotic botanicals, vital skin nutrients and natures very own pure skin conditioner, Aloe Vera!

Totally Skin Trip'n!


This Is Crazy! Super Tan Accelerator

So You Want My Number!

Get ready to play the field with this enticingly dark tanning lotion designed to leave your skin silky smooth and golden bronze.

Creamy lotion absorbs instantly into the skin providing excellent nutrition for healthy tanning.

Fortified with our exclusive CX2 Skin Firming Complex that helps tone and tighten while you tan.

Unlimited Tan And Talk Time!


Fast Action Double Dark Tanning Lotion

Ooooh You're So Sexy! You're The Envy Of Your Social Circle. You're The Talk Of The Crowd.

Guys and girls alike stare and admire. You're not cute, you're outrageously sexy.

A fast action double dark tanning creme that will darken your sexy skin. Look thinner and feel better with a golden bronze tan and vita-enriched skin.

Party Like A Rock Star!


Super Accelerator

You'll Look Good Enough To Eat!

Sweet Emotion will curb your tanning sugar tooth. Created for all skin types to assist in the earlier stages of Melanin building.

It's time for a beautiful tan and a healthy looking glow. Featuring our exclusive CX2 Skin Firming Complex for optimum benefits.

The ideal dark tanning lotion to establish the perfect base tan.

Enjoy The Ride!